Wateen Wifi router networking?


I have seen your expert comments & found you to be very known with Wateen solutions. I am using Wateen wifi router cpe CPEi35775. There are 3 main issues i need help from you;-

1. How can i improve with DNS error is usually get?

2. How i improve my Uplink/ Dlink speed, i am using Lan port with that, but when i use it on wifi medium, my bandwidth drops?

3. I want an external wirless wifi USB dongle to get connected to this wifi router:-

a) How can i secure & allot the new password for external usb dongle user?

B) Limit bandwidth with that user ?,

c) Allocate wireless LAN ip address to external usb dongle user that will access wifi router?

Please help me out!

Thank you!

Some more issues:-

4) Should i disable DHCP server even if i am using LAN port of router?

5) Should i disable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) even using LAN port of router?

6) Can port fowarding option be disabled/ ignored while using wireless LAN ?


8) How to access your router remotely?

9) What is Wifi Guest Network/ SSID option?

10) Can we disable primary Network SSID & enable only Guest?