Wateen Wifi - Motorola Device Help


I am using Wateen Wifi Motorola Indoor Device.


Is there a way to set Google or OpenDNS in there? I know we can change the dns server in Windows 7 in Network & Sharing Center, but is it possible to change it on the device using the Admin module so If i use the internet on my Cell or any other Laptop, It automatically picks Google/OpenDNS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't used this device but in my device (the earliest device which was without Wifi) I guess there was no option to add DNS and it always uses DNS settings given by Wateen. However, as I use my own wifi router, I set DNS settings in my wifi router.

My setup is:

Wateen Device ---> Wifi router ---> My devices

I use UPnP in all steps and that allow smooth usage of internet. Moreover, I can customize my wifi router to use whatever settings I want to use.