Wateen to Discontiue its WiMAX Services in Multan

They said:

"Wateen services will be migrated to PTCL DSL. You will be provided with free of cost PTCL landline connection if you do not have it. You are requested to keep using Wateen services at the moment. WiMAX services will be stopped after deployment of PTCL connections. Our services are being transferred from your entire city."

Here is the letter



Update: Wateen will discontinue the facility of broadband internet services from your city w.e.f. 30thApril, 2014.

Why are they closing their business, first from Faisalabad, then Hyderabad and now Multan.

Are they not getting good business?

I have been a very satisfied Wateen customer for the past 3-4 years from Karachi. Don't understand how they are doing in other cities.

Low business can surely be the reason. Maybe they have decided to pay more attention to their corporate business than on consumer WiMAX business. I had read a statement on their website that WiMAX business is causing loss to Wateen.

Another cause can be very less advertisement. I don't see their ads on TV. When people would not know that Wateen offers internet service why they would bother to subscribe to their services!

^ Regarding your "advertisement" point, we don't see ads of other companies too like Wi-tribe, Qubee etc, we only see PTCL ads.

These "not so big" cities might have users who already have PTCL DSL service because PTCL was already there so they might not be switching to other companies.

Anyways... bad luck for those cities :(