Wateen Revival

So wateen coming with new pakages and speeds?

Lets see what happens on 1st Nov, 2011.

Is this Ad about Wateen? sure

My first hunch was Wateen as well. Mainly because of the use of the green colors.

Yup...it is Wateen.

Lets hope they come up with nice bundles .. ill get it.


Also check www.wateen.com, it says Coming Soon.

New website will be live at midnight. Check my post for other information about today's press conference.

Whats so new in it? What about discounted packages for the students in Pakistan? Still telephoney is must which we don't even need as we have cell phones and skype. 2MB is so expensive which most of us cannot afford. Is this what wateen meant by, Hello Again? No excitement yar.

2MB @ 3000 Rs :D

So after all that "OMG WE ARE COMING BACK" this is what we get? <_<

Wimax as a concept is useless in an urban setting which has good telephony/fiber infrastructure. Unless the prices become competitive with DSL and 'unlimited**' means unlimited, it will not penetrate in the market.

Their cable tv section says they cover 60% of Lahore.

I never knew DHA Lahore makes up 60% of the city <_<

So basically apart from a few logo and color changes their website is a wishlist.

And Wi-Tribe is providing 2 Mbps package for Rs 2400 with quite stable services. Wateen officials think, renewing website, changing logo, increasing tariffs on same old network will do good to people, strange.

Rubbish packages.

I am a Wateen user from the very beginning and feel that after all this time the long-term users should have been upgraded to 2MB without increasing the cost.

Yeah I thought there would be a major re haul of packages (comparable to Qubee). But I guess there's no such thing.


Baap Ray Baap .. expensive.

i was expecting some free service and cheap

Just change of LOGO dose not change quality of service...............just a new effort to make fun of poor customers :(

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wo bi mara hoya choha

Rs. 3000 for 2MB is high - dunno what's new about that! The only thing new seems to be new advertising really, and it seems in the year it took them to make new ads they forget to take a look at the competition and what all is happening in the marketplace.