Wateen refund query

Hi all

today when I got a refund check from wateen after 3 months and went directly standard chartered to cash it but they said you must have bank account with us to get a cash. i mean come on why do i need an account for just refund. can i get a refund with other bank account like bank al habib?


It's not the problem with refund policy or wateen itself.

If you get a Crossed Check (you can identify it with a mark of two parallel lines or a stump "Payee Account Only" on the left top corner of the check), then it's not possible for you just going to the relative Bank Branch and withdraw money with that check. And this is a proper way when companies deal in paying with checks.

A crossed check only can be used to deposit in your account. You will need a bank account no matter which bank or branch it is in. Just head towards the bank branch where you have an account. I guess you have one in Bank Al Habeeb? Go there and deposit the check with filling in the same deposit slip which you often use to deposit cash. You will need to fill the slip with the information on the check e.g. Check's Bank Branch and Check Number.


its been 2 months since i returned their usb modem.. still got no response or whatever.. they suck..