Wateen Orders 198,000 Motorola CPE Units

Wateen is one of the first companies in Pakistan to introduce the concept of WiMax. Based on a model similar to Comcast in the U.S., Wateen is proposing to roll out a triple-play solution to customers across Pakistan. Launched in October 2007, Wateen has made a strong case for the growth of the WiMax subscriber base. The CPE units are used by Wateen customers for wireless access to a high speed and affordable data and VoIP services, and the demand has been growing very quickly.

Pakistan has been regarded as one of the fastest growing telecom markets and adding to it, Wateen has been experiencing promising growth since its launch in December 2007. Keeping in line with the growing demand, Wateen has placed an order with Motorola to provide more of 198,000 more CPE units for the accelerating markets. This order has been recognized as one of the largest orders for WiMax CPEs in the world.

The CPE, or Customer Premises Equipment, enable consumers, small businesses and Pakistan's largest enterprises to access wireless services -- a vast range from basic telephony and fast internet access to high-end data services such as virtual private networks.

Motorola has deployed WiMax/IMS core solution in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan region, and also provides Wateen with managed services expertise to focus critical resources on empowering efficiencies and keeping ahead of rapidly advancing technologies. Motorola's wi4 family of feature-rich award-winning CPE devices for WiMax networks will enable consumers and businesses in Pakistan to plug in a device onto the operational network and receive an instant and reliable network connection.

"The availability of our WiMax network is a major milestone for Wateen Telecom and for the telecommunications potential of developing economies. Our network puts Wateen at the global forefront of the WiMax telecoms industry. Motorola's capabilities to effectively deliver WiMax 802.16e solutions and CPEs ahead of the industry and our early adoption of this technology has given us the opportunity to be the first to offer WiMax 802.16e-based broadband voice and data services in Pakistan," said Tariq Malik, chief executive officer, Wateen Telecom.

Whether or not the solution is something that the Pakistani market is ready for, is yet to be seen. however the 'proof of concept' of the subscribers in Pakistan is right here, and has already opened the door to two other competitors launching services in the market in the past two months.



i think this is more publicity than anythin it wud just put accross wateen to the world

i mean they dont spend money upgradin their core instead they spend money and buy more cpes when there isnt a demand for it

I think you should write to the sites/telecom journals in which Wateen related articles have appeared. The complaints I mean.

at the bottom line.. internet isnt the necessity of pakistan's survival in home consumer sector..

with high inflation and low growth.. people buying capacity wud dimish to food item..leave the internet aside.. who will buy those cpe. only those who wud b desperate.. or may b those who get money from abroad or haram.

now thats wht i call being 'overly optimistic'

Why didn't you post this in the regular wateen thread?

^ I don't know, why? I've posted such news about PTCL etc. in separate topics as well. Merge it with the said topic if you feel its not right.