Wateen or Qubee?

please advice which one is better if i need One mbps with 30 gb ??

wateen or qubee ?


r u using wateen ??


I know your question is about 30GB quota but does Qubee offer unlimited package? If no then go for Wateen.

Don't buy package with quota (i.e., 30GB). They are useless, unless you promise yourself by crossing your heart not to open any video streaming website (including YouTube) and torrent will be sinful act.

If you want my advice, go for Wateen's unlimited package. It's awesome. But first check the coverage of Wateen in your area.


yes i have heard about this that Qubee decreases the bandwidth from 1 mbps to 256kbps once user crossed about 30 GB or may b it will b 20 -25GB and after that the speed sux !

i was thinking exactly same that first i need to chk the wateen coverage in my area then to proceed with that! thanks everyone for sharing their views and for advices .

jazak ALLAH .

Use Wateen, as it has got great service with being cheap as compared with Qubee.....

yes m already using this since months as this is very old thread .

any how thanks for every one . mods may close this thread .

i like wateen very much . its great really great . And i get one month free whn i submit 2 months rent in advance. wjhat else i need .

i have used wateen and its service is very good

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