Wateen or Maxcom?

Which one is better?? Help me out people..

^ Maxcomm all the way dont even think abt wateen

check the dedicated sticky threads for each provider and chose according to user comments





I for one recommend maxcom over wateen. yamdood =D

haha... :D

you have already given me enough advice on this issue !! So shut it and let others give me some suggestions as well !! :P

Check out the threads but IMO, do not go for Wateen but if you can survive a little more without broadband then you should wait a couple more months when Mobilink Infinity comes to the surface officially. Maxcom is great but if you can get a good wireless service, that's gona beat DSL services easily. First, there is no phone line involved and secondly, it's cheap and faster (than DSL). I have tried Wateen's 512k package and it was much faster than Maxcom's 512k connection. I am an old Maxcom user and still going to continue with them. They have an EXCELLENT customer support far better than any other DSL company.

Go For Maxcom! I bet you will regret going for wateen! actually zeeshan the speed difference isn't much only 5-6 KB/s

Saad, the websites opened up in lightning fast speed when I tried it. The download speed was pretty consistent. Maxcom lacks all that. But yes, if one must choose between two, Maxcom should be the prime choice.

Maxcom is better i use

Maxcom is much better over Wateen . As you can say that the king of the ring over copper is MAXCOM.