Wateen ip help needed urgent

Salamz to all mates

I have heard that all wireless internet providers provides you a dynamic IP.Means if you got banned from a site or services then restart the device and your IP get changed and you can acces that site or service again,but M using wateen MOTOROLLA USB device, a site banned my ip,I restart my device amd PC 10's of time but my IP remains same and I was not able to access thst site.

I read somewhere that for dynamic IP you should contact your ISP and they will do it.


or anyone can tell me that how can I make my IP dynamic so it could change itself??

Any responce and suggestion would be highly appriciable smile.gif

Thanx and best regards.

hurry up guyz its urgent .....................

Assuming you are using Windows Xp

control panel > networks con> go in your active network properties and Make sure there must ticked on "Obtain an IP address automatically"


if your IP assigned by ISP as static then you can't change it to dynamic only you ISP can do it

am using Wateen and my Ip is static for past two and half months