Wateen Franchise model town lahore fradulent Sales staff

Two days ago i visited Wateen telecom frenchise model town. They were having palmflet 60% off on wateen subscription. They offered me WIMAX connection with that discount. I asked them that i will think about it and they took my number. After an hour i got a call from Mr. Bilal that he want to visit my home and show me a demo and i accepted it. Mr. Bilal along with his unknown colleague visited me and convinced me offering UPS with the connection on my demand and i accepted it. Soon after their u-turns started. I surprised to get to know that there is no 60% off offer. Reaon: the sale guy on frenchise "wrongly" give me the brochure and "wrongly" commited the discount. Out of courtsy i gave them extra 500 as they were in my home and poor me i took pity that they travled on bike to my house so i should have to purchase it. On the same Mr. Bilal promised me to provide me UPS as soon as he will receieve stock from wateen head office.

Today i called bilal's associate on 0300 4499840 (as bilal didn't picked up the call). I asked for UPS he replied very harsly saying come and get the UPS from bilal. Then i called Wateen helpline and surprised to know that there is no UPS option and there is no stock comming in future.

I am surprised how mean and fradulent these guys are who just betryed and lied to me for few bucks.

I just wanted to tell all the readers just beaware of these little zardaries hanging out there and never believe on their words. i logged a complaint aganist them lets see what will happend but i m totally fedup with Wateen and thats the reason i didn't activated it yet.

Wateen CS complain # 1602058

People please do guide me if i return that un-activated device to wateen will they pay me back???

Hmm,try to email customerservice@wateen.com and tell them about this.Then will surely take action.Most probably they will sack them.

@alright binzaman you have already been guided that you have not paid for the ups and so that's why you wont have it

@ASR i think u havn't read my complaint it clearly stats that i get the Wateen connection on promise of UPS. Anyhow i am visiting the franchise today

just returned the device on promise of full return of payment within 30 days

lets c...

Ref# 1614153 & 1614776

binzaman bahi who told u to go to yateem company? is tht franchise near model town park? you should hv retain that device wid u. Now they will not pay u back :)

hahahha bro at that time i was not satisfied with PTCL dsl due to their strike and my bad luck i considered wateen as a good and reliable company. Yes that franchise is near model town park round about. If they showed any relactancy in returing my full amout i will lodge a complaint in PTA also in consumer court.