Wateen Customer Helpline.... ++

Today I called Wateen helpline 111365111, went to package detail, hit the 0 button to talk to CSR, but immediately hanged up the phone. Within 2 minutes I received a call from Wateen asking If I need any assistance :P

Never in my life I have seen this in Pakistan. Keep up the good work Wateen :P Currently I am using their cable TV, and IT ROCKS!!!!

they might be sitting idle to call you back :P

haha i think they are getting bored :P and no calls :P

So they just wanna do some Chit chat with you :D

how i connected wateen wimax on mobile set like Nokia c3-00


Yeh I think there some thing has changed in management. They always called after noticing no recharge after the billing date passed but after a week or two.

This time they called me very next day of billing date to remind me to recharge :rolleyes: