Wateen Billing

Assalam Alikum,

This Thread Is Only For Wateen Billing Problem/ And Issues...For Other Problems You Facing On Your Wateen Connection Post It On The Sticky Thread About Wateen Not Here...Its Only For Billing Issues...This Other Thread Is Created Because The Thread We Have For Wateen Is Mixed With All Kinds Of Problem So Its Very Difficult To Find Problems For Billing...So Kindly Post Your Billing Problem Here...And I Hope Mods Dont Delete This Thread...


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In This Thread Users Tells All Kind Of Problems Related To Wateen Here…So Its Hard For The Users Who Are Having Problem With The Bill…So They Can Easily Find Posts About Bill In Other Thread…We Need Other Thread For Billing Until Our Problem For Bill Solved… I Hope You Understand…


I was very explicit in my post in the Wateen thread to not make a new thread, so I hope you understand the reason for closing this thread.

Until a satisfactory solution to this issue is determined by the admin team, this thread will remain closed.