Wateen Auto-Upgraded 1Mb Package to 2Mb

Did anyone else get this SMS from Wateen?

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Dear Customer, Wateen has upgraded your speed to 2Mbps with an amazing discount of PKR 1,000 from the published package.

Is it similar trick like PTCL when they auto-upgrade packages and later ask the customers to call them to downgrade but they don't do it and keep charging at new rates?

^ very likely, This can be the similar trick.

But I didn't get this SMS. About this upgrade, see this http://www.wateen.com/revised/

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You’ve been upgraded to 2 Mbps Unlimited for just Rs. 1,899!

From 1st March 2014, Wateen has automatically upgraded you from 1 Mbps Unlimited to 2 Mbps Unlimited with a special discounted rate of Rs. 1,899 giving you a saving of Rs. 1,100. For more information or to opt-out from this upgrade, please call our helpline 111-365-111

Get a 2 Mbps Unlimited Internet Connection for only Rs. 1,899

Wateen brings you an introductory offer to get a 2 Mbps Unlimited connection for just Rs. 1,899 giving you a saving of Rs. 1,100 . Please visit your nearest franchise or business center to get your internet connection. Hurry, as this offer is valid only for the month of March 2014.

Create your own WiFi Hotspot!

Having trouble sharing your internet connection with other users? Now, you can get a WiFi router for your Wateen internet connection for only Rs. 500* from your nearest franchise or business center.

Activation charges apply on all new internet connections
Fair use policy applies on all unlimited packages
Introductory offer is valid till 31st March 2014
*Upfront charges only. Monthly device rent will be charged separately.


I hate it when they automatically upgrade your account without even asking you.

I called their helpline on 28 Feb, and asked NOT to upgrade my account. They said the accounts will be upgraded tonight so I will mention your account not to be upgraded, but still they upgraded mine.

I have created ticket on their selfcare page, let see what they do now.

They did the same with me, but I called them up and downgraded it to 1MB...

good thing this happened before I paid for it.....