another dc comic coming to life next year... and man it looks damn amazing if i might say...inspired from dark night maybe

yes seen the trailer and its damn good

Thanks for sharing man. Looks awesome. Here's a youtube link for those who are having difficulty playing the link:

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another dc comic coming to life next year… and man it looks damn amazing if i might say…inspired from dark night maybe


Hardly inspired by the Dark Knight. The director of Watchmen is the same guy who directed 300 and the film itself has been in production since long before Christopher Nolan brought the Dark Knight to the screens!

should be a good movie

also expected good movies are

max payne

the day the earth stood still, dec 12

the spirit

terminator 4 next summer

all trailers are on youtube

^God of War

and Bio Shock....i am really looking forward for this movie. gonna be direct by the same director who directed Pirates of Caribbean series..

then there are tons of other movies.. like metal gear and pop:sands of time coming... a lot lot more

AND if ayone's wondering...the song that is used in the trailer is 'The End is the Beginnig is the End' by Smashig Pumpkins...which was written and adapted for one of the earlier Batman films!