Watching Online movies


I m tired of downloading movies via torrents, it takes time and at times reasonably long time.

I can watch the torrrent movies once they have completed downloading.

It seems a waste of lots of time to me.(though its free)

I recently used Graboid, I watched 2 latest online movies on it, and the experience was wonderful.

But the problem is such services requires proper registration (means Payment) after a few movies.

plz indicate me some free online movie watching sites.

i will be more than happy if u tell me ways of using the paid services without payment

watch and download high quality movies for free

Watch Movies Online, Free Movie Downloads

are they indian , hollywood ar lollywood movies.

i used to watch online movies free on but CIA and some other US agencies have blocked the domain. try searching on Google and i hope there would be a couple of running websites to help you.

Cheers :)