Watch Live cricket if you donot have any Cable TV

here is the link

it will be active all the Worldcup season.


I usually use Cricvid

But in this case I will use yours :)

yup buffering is good.


Is there any site where one watch short highlights (10-15 minutes) of each world cup match as due to busy schedules it is not possible to watch whole matches.

this link is very useful it shud b sticky

One more addition:

Best thing about this link, it has Sky Sports UK :)


thanx shuak for the info. Its the best I have found so far. yup sky sports uk is the one to get. nice work!

^^You are welcome bro :)

and yes this thread should be sticky.

one more

its geo super sports

not too much advertisements yet.

its sky sports

awsome quality

THanks for sharing the link. Geo tv says that its only for Pk users but I watch it in Canada :)

Not good quality though

thanks for sharing the link. I would definitely catch up with the matches while working. But i m more into soccer. Anyone knows a link where i can watch online soccer matches? any help would appreciated :)