Warning: Don't invite any unknown members on private torrent trackers!

Ok, I'm posting this as a separate thread just so everyone who gives away his invites to just anyone would see the dangers of doing it.

Also because someone recently told me:

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I knew, but its better to give away ... bcuz last year i also got the same way... i was new to torrents and didnt had RATIO on any site to prove that I am a good torrent user.... but U have to trust...so my sender trusted me n in the same way today i did .... Lets C

As of now, I've invited three people via my IPT account.





As you can see, the second and third person on the list are clearly cheating their ratios. (The first one might not have cheated, but he certainly isn't using his account from a long time)

The last person was invited last night at 12:06 AM.

Here's some irony:

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I noticed that some of you guys are giving away IPtorrents invites quite easily (as in rarely asking for proof of ratio and just sending it - or so it seems at least). Maybe you already know the person so I guess its fine but I've got 1 or 2 but can't seem to find anyone I can trust enough!
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@upsilon thanx man i got ur invite

@dezest i think no one asking u to give invite d forum is nt for ppl like u . u just go n throw ur invite in dust bin

u started posting with a cheap post shame on u

if i hurt any 1 plz forgive me


* umair2487 is malik21188

Thats all what the ratio cheater had to say after cheating like a retarded noob...

Now, I'm done the best i could by reporting the last two guys to the admins of the site, if I'm lucky, i might not get banned or get a warning. And the reason I'm going to report those jerks instead of keeping my mouth shut, is because i don't want them jerks to possibly get away with their cheating.

I won't be inviting anyone other than the few members i trust, so should you.

You've been warned!

^ That's sad, that's why i am saving my invite credits :P

Here I was wondering why he seemed so pissed off at what I had said! Now it makes sense! Good thing you put him in his place and thanks for the warning =)

I just hope your account won't get harmed because of a few bad (ungrateful and cheating) apples like these!

@Upsilon: Nice post .... but u cant live without taking RISKS in life.... n All five fingers are not EQUAL... every body has its own perception :)

N ur this post cannot change my perception :P

How u used my comments as reference here ?

@ MODS: Is there any Rule here about it ? I mean if someone dont like to get his/her comments COPY?PASTED in other thread?


@masters And you're more of a noob than umair2487.

I used your post while giving proper reference, go learn about internet usage before making a jack@$$ out of yourself.

P.S. Don't come up with a pathetic reply to this.

@Upsilon: ooh really u would now TEACH me ...get to ur business u cant put ur PERCEPTION on every one .... i have more users then u in Danger Zone @ IPT but i didnt reported them n even some of them get deleted themselves n i nvr got banned too ... so try to take risks n be BOLD in life :)


^ Lets just put it this way, you're you, I'm me, you do things your way, i do things my way.

Lets just not start a unnecessary fight.


Correct ...that's sound good...no hurt feelings :)


I read your post Upsilon very carefully with interest. If I tell you about a few ratios of mine on a few torrent sites then definitely you'll say that I am cheating on those sites as my upload is very high and my ratio is very very high on some very good private sites.

Just for sharing purpose I am giving a few of my ratios. Just give them a look

desitorrents --> Upload=4.64TB Download=67.34MB Ratio=72276.50

bwtorrents --> Upload=4.27TB Download=182.39GB Ratio=23.961

iptorrents --> Upload=2.330TB Download=165.403GB Ratio=14.426

dctorrent --> Upload=294.57GB Download=39.17GB Ratio=7.52

exdesi --> It is currently down otherwise my upload here is also in TBs.

and many more

You judge a person by seeing his upload/ratio then by seeing my topmost upload/ratio I bet you'll say that I am also a cheater.

But the reason behind my upload and ratio so high is that I am using seedbox. Other thing is that I mostly download those torrents that are freeleech so download doesn't count and only upload counts. Third and a very important thing is that I rip movies and tv stuff on some sites so as users download that from me (from seedbox) so my upload and ratio are high.

I didn't write all this to say that those users you mentioned are not cheater or to defy you (I don't know any of those users). I just want to say that there are chances that I get invitation from someone and after seeing my ratio he'll also start thinking about me that I am a cheater. There is a chance that a user uses seedbox and due to that his/her ratio becomes high. I mentioned here a few sites otherwise I daily upload GBs of data to different torrent sites. My Internet's connection at home is not that much fast to make good ratio on torrent sites but whatever I want to release/upload/share I first upload it to seedbox and then make users to download that.

I think that while giving invite to someone the inviter should check that user's stats on different torrent sites also can ask that he is using a seedbox or not because due to the usage of seedbox these stats can be changed. Proof of seedbox can be provided by users. So invitations should be given cautiously after seeing these things.


There is a dedicated thread for all torrent related issues and discussions.

Closing thread.

Upsilon's addition:

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snaink was right, i should've done all that before starting that drama.

And an IPT mod has confirmed that umair2487 hasn't cheated his ratio as of now. My sincere apologies.