Warid increases maintenance fee from 12-12-2013

Hello.... I just got this message from Warid. "Thanks for continuous support! To provide you with better services, maintenance fee will be increased one percent on all recharges and reloads from today".

How are we going to know that services have been improved....... when they stop packages on festivals like Eid???

But, one positive aspect is: atleast Warid tells us that they are increasing charges.

they didnt tell anybody that eid day packages were going to be blocked.. i sent 50+ sms in the morning, and no balance statement came.. as in package, no notification of balance comes.. but in evening my 200 balance was over.. mofos. didnt announce on their website even.. called them 2 days latter and then found out...

still warid service is waaaaaaaaaayyy beter than ufone.. and on par with mobilink... i have no experience of telenor and zong..

Their service, no matter, is good. Zong suckssss.......

whatttt the f--king f--k is a 'maintenance fee'???