Warid has gone mad

look at these two adds the urdu one says that call rate is 15ps/30sec means 30ps/min from 9am to 9pm

and the english one says that 50mins are free from 9am to 9pm

which one should we follow btw both of them are crappiest package cannot believe they celebreting like this.

They are both the same package. Just worded differently:

Urdu: 30 paisas per minute

English: 50 minutes for 15 rupees = 15/50 = 30 paisas per minute

no look at them they are clearly saying in english one that 50 mins are free.

^ No you look at it clearly. The advertisement in English says 'Now get 50 minutes talktime for Rs. 15/day'. No where does it say you're getting 50 minutes free! Only the 500 SMS/MMS are 'free'.

these are just frm warid to warid so they are in profit...

Yeah, its the same thing. Notice the placement of the word "Free"

now it makes sense changed urdu add


i love this package

I dunno how ppl can talk for that long and type sms;s all day........ its for ppl who have nothing else to do :)