War of Geo Network Channels, Cable Operators and Government

I am very confused about the current war of statements and cases in Honorable Supreme Court of Geo TV (Geo Super) about ICC Cricket Broadcasting Rights for Cable and Satellite. Some Facts:

1. Geo has the rights for broadcasting of ICC cricket world cup matches on Geo Super exclusively.

2. Geo invested for such rights with about 10 Million Rs.

2. No channel can broadcast these matches on satellite or cable except Geo Super.

3. PTV is running on cable networks and telecasting matches.

4. Court has also verdict in favour of Geo then

Why Cable Operators telecasting the matches via

Star Cricket - PTV ?????????????? this is clearly against the court decision.

Please post your comments about this.

People in rural areas without cable can only get the world cup via PTV (or DishTV if they can afford it). I guess it's the government's way of hiding their failure in not being able to launch DTH.

lolz why are you confuse?

It's Geo's headache and who asked them to invest 10 million rupees for getting such rights to ruin our life.

60% of Pakistan has no cable or dish tv. Only option left for them is to watch PTV for matches on terresterial or FTA reeiver.

On the other hand where Geo TV is available, these problems ruin the experience of enjoying world cup matches:

1. electricity off at cable end.

2. geo sports is not FTA.

3. there receiver is not easily available

4. there advetisements are a great headache and a normal person cannot enjoy match on it.

5. Often the cable tv quality is so cheap that we want alternates on different numbers.

6. And the most important thing is they didn't asked us for the permission. Now go to hell.

Conclusion: To hell with Geo. Geo humay jeenay do. :)

I just wonder that 10 Million is a very low amount for such rights !!!

not 10 Million 100 million

Yes, I wrong posted the amount, it is 100 Million Rs, Sorry

actually i r also wrong 1 million = 10 lakh

10 million = 1 crore

100 miliion = 10 crore

they got the rights for 1 billion Rs which is much more than 100 million (according to cable operators claimed by them in a conference held two days back. Cable operators asking for their shares.

Geo is Badmash and terrorist of culture

Wohi to . I thought how much would have GEO earned by just getting it for 10 Million. even 100 Million sounds a good deal because they are broadcasting over the internet too. THey are showing that its only for users in PK but I saw the match on their website from here which is voilation too. ask PTV to sue them :)

"culture" do we have any culture or had

100 million is too less i gues. I rekon its atleast 1 Bn rupees.

Personally i like watching Geo super, just cause its the only quality channel available to the masses, unlike PTV's crappy picture quality. one thing kills super is the extensive advertisements.

There is also some problem with super these daiz, it just laggs all the time.

Besides no one should be watching star cricket cuz it telecasts the stream 20 secs later than Geo :D ...

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“culture” do we have any culture or had

we had

PTV broadcasts it since it's the state-broadcaster and has the rights for terrestrial television. Geo has the rights for satellite beams.

That's why PTV on the satellite beam doesn't show the matches -because they don't have rights for that. And besides, it's a government-entity and they automatically show these matches.

Hence, PTV. As for Geo - well - they never made much sense to anyone...

Geo. :/

Well, THis is pretty tempting... THey would easily made this 10 million within pool matches and then Quarter final and further is where real money is

Agree with imran and shaheerk there.

Geo just want people to watch their channel and their channel only. We have ten sports as well which is no pure Pakistani channel but still it has roots here and they even used to get coverages of golf and tennis from super sport directly and never caused any trouble for cable operators to stop giving super sport or any other channel. Since this geo crap has arrived our sports viewing in terms of enjoyment and fun is almost finished now. Geo super must realize that cable operators are the sole players in their channel's success and eventually can play a big part in their downfall if they continue this onslaught. Bottomline is like i said earlier geo is a money making machine and will only care for any penny comes their way.


As per my cable provider, another thing that GEO Super did was to have ESPN turned off. This is obviously because ESPN was also telecasting the ICC WC.

Now I personally don't care one bit for the ICC WC, but blocking ESPN meant that I could not watch the EPL football matches anymore. I promptly decided to get a Dish TV setup installed.

Even though I was fortunate enough to be able to afford an alternative, it made me very, VERY angry. I am now boycotting every single product that is sponsoring the ICC WC on GEO Super.

Has anyone else had this problem with ESPN disappearing?

My cable wala showing ESPN but there is no cricket worldcup on it.

!جیو والے رو رو پٹ پٹ مر گے ہیں بار بار ایک ہی خبر! لیکن جس کی لاٹھی اسکی بھینس