Wants best Internet

I want to change My Internet Connection Recent I have Evo Wingle But its not good Work i use in Lahore Deffence Near Bhatta Chowk If anybody have any information about best internet service which work better then EVO in My Area how i mention above

PTCL internet is best

Great English by the way....!!!

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Brother try different tweaks to improve you wingle speed, i saw on forum that many pplz are enjoying 700 to 800 kb speed, so try to discover best spot for your device. Use antenna

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ok thnaks brother i will try

What are your requirements and monthly budget? If you have no other choice than wireless Internet, then you should look at which package from WiTribe, Qubee or Wateen is best suited to you.

Depending on your package speed and the number of users in that area, their speed might vary too at times, but the chances of this happening are slim because of the different technologies. When it comes to EVDO/EVO, 9.3Mbps (for rev B) is for the whole sector of a tower (if not all sectors), and thus it gets divided by the number of users. Wimax should have about 30MBps available. I have used Wateen in Lahore a few years back, and in my area I always got full speed as per my package.

If you do decide to try out any of them, make sure you ask them about their return policy in case you are not satisfied with their service.

my monthly budget is 1500 to 2000

Go for ptcl 4 mb

4mbps is PKR2580/- Best you can get in terms of stability!

Wateen is also best option

Grand Master Go for PTCL 4-MB it has good downloading speed and browsing speed the rent is Rs 1999 per month

Go for Wateen.

thank you

PTCL is best, evo speed is too low now a days. So i will suggest you to use PTCL Broadband. That is better as compared to other services in Pakistan

PTCL always provide best service as compare to others

Best Internet thing is not available in Pakistan.

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Use PTCL Broadband its best