Want to Propose my own simple but intersting project

My university is giving me option to propose a project and their committe will either accept or reject the proposal.

If they accepted the proposal then I will have to work on the project.

So if someone has any contact from where I could get projects than please share with me either in forum post or in email. Phone/email/website/online material all such things will be welcomed because I have to choose one.

hope you can understand what i am saying............

In Government sector or in Private Organization their is so much miss use of PRINTER.

Create a Program which allows printing only when a person provides a password n password is every time different just like a pre paid Mobile card

24222324234 for 3 prints

agas43 for 1 print

it is very much easy.. i guess he is asking for final year project..

Yup asking for a final year project.

Printer controlling just for the sake of contolling prints has a very small scope.

the printer management/quota software is a great suggestion. it has to be expanded a bit. Check this product


You shall learn to deal with networks, socks, drivers, win32 programming, GUI, database and what not. Its incorrect to say that it is too simple to be a final year project.

if you want to expand more, check this one as well

paper port by Nuance

if u want to contribute to open source projects, try these

open bravo

orange hrm

these are suitable for academic purposes.

if you want to do black berry application development, it will be great. its a rare skill.

or, do android application development. for instance, you can make a small database engine for android phones.

or be creative and use Google search to find ready-made stuff :D


Which programming/Scripting language (Java/.Net/C++/PHP) and techs (Reports/CRMs/CMSs/ERPs/IDEs/framworks) are you most comfortable with and which ones have you used so far?

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the printer management/quota software is a great suggestion. it has to be expanded a bit. Check this product



this software is implemented in our university…

.net (C++ or C#) and a IDE.

Actually I am working on my own project (Encryption/Decryption, Compression/Decompression Simulator). I asked for a friend who got an option to propose his own idea. He was searching for an easy but interesting task as a desktop application without touching the web and network etc.

He also got some from uni but look what the hell they provided:

Email Moderation Engine


Macro Recording System

Production Rejection Assessment System

Dude the first one is pretty easy. Just google for either Java or .Net and you will definitly find a ready made solution

Its too late now as he has taken Production Rejection Assessment System already. I think it wll involve a lot of databases.

@deffury bro

Can you please send me some algos with implemented code for my project (Encryption/Decryption & Compression/Decompression)?

I have completed all its theory based things which are: SRS/Methodology/design phases.

Now I have to code only. Went though some algos but havn't yet decided which algos to choose. Confused> :)

Sorry for delay...

I will try to find some time after work...


Also choose an algo whose Code is available

Also Try this site for both Java/.Net Reference