Want to Know School (Primary) Registration Process in Punjab?

I want to Know School (Primary) Registration Process in Punjab? Anyone Know about it then please share the basic requirements. Thanks

proof of residence e.g. current telephone or electricity bill in the name of the child parent , birth certificate as an evidence of proper age and recently performed health examination take all these documents and your child to school nearby you, there in School they will fill up a page with some necessary information AND your child/bro can start coming to school

Dear, in-fact, I am talking about New Private Primary School Registration for Starting New School.

You don't have to register just rent a house building or even shops in market which you think will be good for schooling then print advert copies drop/stick in public areas and also visit house to house and convince parents by telling that we got teachers from abroad and has a computer room :)

Its Pakistan non civilized jungal do what ever you want

Thanks Armada for giving time to reply me, but I am serious about that topic / question .....

You think i am making fun of it ???where do you Phelia? come here dinga i can show you around many unregistered schools running with huge amount of feeses and has all the topi dramaas like music classes gym classes computer rooms etc etc :D

You need to visit EDO education office and give some 'chaye-pani'.