Want to Buy Logitech Speaker or Import from Outside PAK

Does anybody tell me the name of shops in which logitech speakers available ... i want Logitech Z2300 but cant find any shop who have these speaker ..or can u guys recommend me any site which ship these speaker to PAK ...and wht are the charges or duty imposed on electronic items are there any websites who ship electronic item to PAkistan .....Please guys do tell me ... i really mad about this Logitech Z2300 speaker system which is THX certified ... Thanks ...

I too am interested in buying them. They seem to be really good, but are not available in Pakistan. I've asked Belicity, but they don't have them either. Although the best (IMHO) are the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's but they don't make them any more. I would rather buy them.

i've heard abt Bose Companion 3 Series II ......is it available in Pakistan or not ? and whts it price ? .............so any chances to get Klipsch or Logitech in Pak ????..

and my budget it Rs 20k to 23 ..................will i able to get any of these .like BOse comapanion 3 series II or klipsch or logitech z2300 ??

Klipsch don't make multimedia speakers any more, As far as I know. I had called up Desert sound.

Bose companion 3 series II in Khi ....Rs.28000 ....... omg its out of my budget too ......wht can i do man ? give me suggestion

what's your budget both of you?

my budget is around 20 - 25k ..... do u have any recommendation ?

Altec Lansing MX5021 ;)

I m currently using the fx 5021 and they are amazaing speakers if u wanna go for quality .. might be a little on the lesser side on the base but the quality is simply amazing

i dont want less bass if i spend more than 10k on speakers .it should be perfect ...

interested in Creative Megaworks THX 550?

also check out Logitech G51.

and do you want speakers or a home theater system would do too?

Creative Megaworks THX 550 is not available here and also way too expensive .... y they dont bring Logitech Z2300 ??

check your mail.

whts ur demand for Creative Megaworks THX 550 ? ....

how old they are ?

Will be waiting for your reply

Hmm... the MW 550 still up for sale Ken ?

Call me on 0300 8567110 if it's still up for sale (and in mint condition)

Sent you a text.