Want to buy LCD for computer

I want to buy brand new LCD for my computer. Can some one suggest me:

- Size (recomended 15")

- Brand

- Price

- Where to buy (in Lahore)

Thanks in advance

go to galaxy.pk

Pick out an LCD you like and then we will suggest accordingly

Me too searching for LCD monitor and narrowed down two choices

Fujitsu 20" (Not sure about availability as its red, Galaxy says visit LHR outlet for details.


Samsung 18.5"

*Fujitsu is bigger and also have stereo speakers

*Samsung is more famous brand (especially in PK)

Can you guide me which brand is best, (performance wise) in wide screen LCDs.

Here is a small tip to check any lcd. Make white background of desktop then see from top to down

Go and check out galaxy.pk or czone.com.pk they are very informative.

What do you want to use your LCD for?

Web browsing only or gaming as well?

I guess! 15" LCD monitors are obsoleted from the market you can get minimum of 17"