Want to Buy a Microwave.. which One?

Well needed info regarding Microwaves:

-Which brand to buy?

-Whose guarantee is best?

-Which product are you using?

-Which one is more lasting?

-How long should one really use microwaves? (I heard not more than 5 years)

i am using dawlance microwave for the last 3 years, works good till now.

BTW haier microwaves are good too.

^ I have had bad experiences with Haier here in Karachi, not with products but with their support...

Dawlance Microwave is indeed gud..working for me like charm for several years!

try to find Korean brand Daewoo if you can


Could anyone tell their experiences regarding tech support

I would recommend going with Pakistani companies with these kind of appliances. They are more reliable and local support is available. We bought an imported Panasonic one and it was a nightmare. :(

we are using Dawlance Microwave. No complaint.

Int'l brands manufacture products for uncut power supply thats why they're fail in Pak

and Local manufacturers knows current Pak situations