Want to buy a LAPTOP ! suggestions needed

Salaam everyone

i want to buy a laptop

but budget is no more then 20 or 22 thousand.

i dont know much about Laptop

coz i never used it before.

What are the things i hav to check if i go for used one.

And what configuration do you think i can get in this money

Please reply



with in this budget u have to buy a used laptop, bcoz the cheapest laptop available in the market is of acer starting from 40000

Go for one with the non-glossy screen. mine has a glossy screen and it becomes really annoying in an office environment. every good viewing angle reflects some light on the roof. the onyl good thing is u can use it as a fully featured mirror when off.

Go for a 15" screen. the smaller ones are costly for their portability , larger ones for screen size.

find a model for which u can find a new battery if need be.

nah man the cheapet of the lot in new ones are 30-35K

so if you go for used ones chk for battery backup time FIRST...

then run a memory chk via any gud memtest software...

and run some basic things like songs and movies to see if other options r fine..

u can get used laptops coz u will see 1st hand laptop price starts from 35,000-3lack. its up to u.

it depends what are ur needs. If u need infared, bluetooth, wifi and multimedia features then it will approximately cost u 50-65k.



www.itmart.pk - used laptops

plz check price rates.

are you in lahore ? If so you have to Roam all the floors of Hafeez Centre.

Almost a month ago i bought a used Laptop for a friend. Actual specs may differ, but this is what i remember

P4 2.4Ghz

512Mb Ram

15.4 inch screen

Dell Brand

23500 Rs

i got new one at 24000 of dell company 1.6Ghz 256mb ram 40gb hd 15 inch screen lan modem wifi rwdvd battery of 3 hours about 2 years ago.

can any one tell me what is the current price of this laptop i am really bored with this one and planning to buy a new one

yeah i got from USA and ya man i am getting weird with it as i cant play any new game i need more upgrade right now i am planning to buy "DELL XPS"

i think i should wait for two months

collect som more money

about 40 to 45 thousand

and buy a new one

Better idea naa !!!

I have Rs.90000 to 100000 to buy A new Laptop and 17 inch TFT Monitor, would you plz tell which laptop and monitor company and model is best to buy ?

How many hours we can work on a laptop continiously with laptop charger pluged in electricity ?

and how many hours on laptop battery ?

^ there is no limit to how much u can use the laptop with the charger plugged in

but when the laptop is on battery power the usage time varies from different models

Thanks for reply.

What company and model you will suggest to buy laptop and 17inch tft monitor in Rs.90000 to 100000

^ the laptop i have works just fine for me

Its the Aspire 5570z from Acer

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Thanks for reply.

What company and model you will suggest to buy laptop and 17inch tft monitor in Rs.90000 to 100000


that really depends on your use, what are you going to use your laptop for?

I will use my laptop just for net browsing, doing some graphics work, to play some lite wight games and also some office work...

I will also use my laptop 10 hours daily.

So which laptop is best for me, is it acer or hp and also which monitor to buy in 17 inch ?

My friend bought HP PAVILLION last month at the cost of 80k and he says that his battery works for 2 and a half hours!!!

so u can think??????

As far as longest battery time is concerned, Lenovo Rocks, Absolutely no question about its capabilities. I've got Lenovo R61 8920 and with a 6-Cell battery, the usage time is around 5 hours (casual usage) and around 4 hours running power hungry applications.

I also own an HP dv6059EA (6 Cell battery), I purchased it about 2 yrs back, at that time the battery life was around 2 hours and now its around 1 hr and 15-20 minutes. Here I must mention that its an entertainment notebook with lot of multimedia buttons (shashkay :)).

If you ask me, I'll select Lenovo without any hesitation.

Technology is advancing quite quickly, you can find a laptop with handsome specs, quite cheaply.... If you want to live on the edge, check a lappy with 250/320GB Hard disk (preferably 7200RPM) equipped with DDR3 RAM, intel C2D processor etc.

lenovo is very expensive!!!isnt it???

compaq is good and cheap

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lenovo is very expensive!!!isnt it???

I ain’t sure about Lenovo’s prices in Pakistan. I had mine from USA, one of my friend visited USA and I asked him to bring it for me. It was quite cheap price+postage $1130 (I also purchased an extra 2GB module for my lappy (it came with 1GB).

As far as the notebooks are concerned, I’ve seen some of the Pakistani websites (like beliscity and some other) and I must say that they are quite expensive.