Want PS3, LCD TVs, Nokia N95 for 10 Pound?

hello guys,

This is my first post here, though i've been reading through the forums for quite some time now. I'll get straight to the point.

I've found this website which actually gives out gifts for a few quid. I know, most if not all of the people here would at this very moment start thinking that this is a scam. But seriously, i would want you to just give it a read.. research some and then make a informed decision.

First of all, i would like to redirect you to an online forum, very similar to WP. Its called eXceem. Thousands of real people over there are actually getting there freebies. The URL is www.exceem.co.uk/forums.

Now the website im trying to tell you about. Its called Xpango. (www.xpangopk.wordpress.com). This is my own website which i created to promote xpango. You can click "SIGN UP NOW" to be redirected to the actual website.

Please visit the website plus the forum, and let me know if someone's interested.



Please note whoever wants to 'Sign up now' on this asadws's blog, you'll be clicking a link to the xpango website with a referral id which will earn him credits. Just telling everybody so you make an 'informed decision' and don't get suckered into giving this guy free stuff!

sah, is absolutely right. My apologies as i failed to mention that. Just one more thing, i'll love to have a chat with you i.e to tell you everything BEFORE you sign up. All the things you'll need and what you'll need to do.

P.S You WILL need a Credit Card inorder to complete an offer. An offer usually takes 10 pound to complete, as i mentioned before.

One question for the mods.. would it be alright/inline with the forum rules if this topic was to be moved to the General Discussion section?

^ This thread is fine here, it doesn't belong to the General Discussion forum.

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^ This thread is fine here, it doesn’t belong to the General Discussion forum.

Or better, in a trash cane …

yo rite Faisal.Qureshi :)