"Wallet" App like the one in earlier Nokia devices?

Ok guys I know there are many Nokia users on WP and having great experience with Symbian devices.

I would really want a solution for what I need. Your help would be appreciated.

I need a "Wallet" app for Nokia E52 (S60 3rd ed). I believe if found for any other device there should also be a version of the said device.

If you guys remembered the earlier Nokia devices... I remember 6630 was having a built-in Wallet App and that was the last I used. I never saw the Wallet app in later models.

There are many third party Wallet apps available all around the web, I would list below which I have used, but they are not like the one I want and have used in Nokia 6630.

The feature I want in the Application should have the feature to "Use the stored information in Wallet" in other applications like fetching the information and filling the form fields. Just like the one which was in-built in some of the earlier Nokia devices. If you have used this feature you may have remembered it and if you never used it then I would like to briefly tell you about that. It was a standalone App as well as integrated with the phone browser as normally our Google Toolbar does on the computer, the Wallet was provided as a popup wizard from within the Nokia Browser and all the information was available to use in the underlying form fields as per our desire.

I have used that only in Nokia 6630 any way. I've also tried to search for such an app many times, whenever I got remembered about it. It was a relief having it in the phone.

The 3rd party apps I have used are:

- Spb Wallet

- Phone Wallet

- Handy Safe

They only store information which I don't need at all.

Spb Wallet is the one I saw the best of them (possible that I may have missed any thing). It has extra ordinary features (which I even don't need). It also does have the feature which I talked above to use the information in other apps. Unfortunately it's not that usable as it should be. If you want to login to some specific website, first you have to open the Spb Wallet and choose the wallet detail you want to go with, then choosing an option would open the browser for you and fill up the fields automatically... That's Crap!!!

And this feature is not working in my Nokia E52 (may be they only have it for Windows Mobile or iPhone, they showed it.)