W800i Original CAssing/Bettery/Charger for sale

Just in Rs. 7000/-



and you thought people here are fool?

nahi.. main nay aisa to nahi kaha....... dear

no urdu plus do you really think someone will buy this W800i of yours for 7k? or even 6k?

hope... dear. hope... other wise i use that set.....

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nahi… main nay aisa to nahi kaha… dear

Refrain from the use of Roman Urdu since it is against forum rules.

your hope is not gonna help. your hope is too high imo. you do think someone will buy this cellphone without even asking the members here? you do think that this handset is the best of the rest?

let me tell you i wont even touch it , even if i do i wont even pay 3k for it. and where are the pictures?