VPTCL New Packages!

Vfone Bachat

Line Rent (Daily Deduction) Rs.4

Vfone to Vfone FREE

Vfone to PTCL (Local) Rs.1.25/min

Vfone to PTCL (NWD) Rs.2.25/min

Vfone to Mobile Rs.2.75/min


Internet Rs.6/hour

Vfone Kafayat

Line Rent (Daily Deduction) Rs.7

Vfone to Vfone FREE

Vfone to PTCL (Local) Rs.0.99/min

Vfone to PTCL (NWD) Rs.2.00/min

Vfone to Mobile Rs.2.50/min


Internet Rs.6/hour

Vfone Sahulat

Line Rent (Daily Deduction) Rs.10

Vfone to Vfone FREE

Vfone to PTCL (Local) Rs.0.75/min

Vfone to PTCL (NWD) Rs.1.50/min

Vfone to Mobile Rs.2.00/min


Internet Rs.6/hour

this is freaking a**holeness, i mean what the heck?? they re-introduced the same stupid packages but this time with a little change,



i hate this, i dont even use my vFone for calls, i dont want line-rent deducted from my account. ugh

Erm... the last time I remember, the V Ptcl things were launched with the same landline tariff, but more focused towards the rural areas. Now, it's almost twice as expensive.

Here's why: local PTCL call (from PTCL's landline): roughly 2 per 5min (0.40paisas/min). Compare this with the above tariff.

I'm not sure if the line rent, compared with the landline, is cheaper or not, but this is definitely defeating it's own purpose.

What Rubbish! They first attracted customers and now again they have started their "Luttoo" program. Companies improve their packages and especially when the particular technology is taking its last breath. Its opposite in PEETEECEEL's case.


guys...what the hell is wrong with ptcl?

see this FAQ:


also see this:

Q: I am currently using Zero Line Rent Package. Can I continue to use my current package?

A: You can continue to use your existing Zero Line Rent Package till 31st March, 2008

What will happen to my current Zero Line Rent Package after 31st March, 2008?

A: Your existing Zero Line Rent package will be automatically converted to Vfone Kafayat (Rs.7 Daily Line Rent). In case you wish to use any other package, please dial 1015 from your Vfone and select your desired package..

also the rates that are mentioned, note this: "Note: All rates are exclusive of taxes"

I wish they do not do his typical '!@#$ mentality' lotaro package with their DSL service!

i wish there should be a zero line rent package too .

I am seeing a good thing in this package. It is also offering free V to V calls nationwide!

For example in Bachat package you pay only 4x30+32 tax = Rs. 152/- per month for unlimited V to V calls.

Those who want to enjoy zero line rent should use it without adding balance (only for incoming,of course)

can someone confirm me the coverage areas and cities ?

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can someone confirm me the coverage areas and cities ?

Its almost every where. But Internet service is offered only in large cities.

yaar Nomi! pls comment on http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=252

salam i m new to this forum

i want to buy vptcl but main different sites par gaya to har jaga vptcl ki koi complaint ha yar main kaya karon aur han main janana chahta hon kay agr hum koi package na karwain to kaya linerent ho ga

They should have Unlimited Internet package... @ Rs.6/hour is expensive :(

does some one know dat is vista compatable drivers of huawei modem n usb cable r aval

They removed the line rent again by announcing -- New Zero Line Rent Package (Vfone Rayayat) , I think its an old news but what are they upto? :=/

dvbox, yup there was no package of zero-line rent for 2 months or so, then they introduced back the رعایت پیکج . which is good now. just dial 1015 and subscribe. these guys never stop playing tricks with us consumers.

Well I think ZERO LINE rent has no more free V-Wireless to V-Wireless calls now, they are charged.