Here is a free VPN service. What you have to do is just download and install and you are ready to go.
I have used it,its very nice and simple. Speed is also good even though its free.
No registration nothing. There is no much free VPN service around,use it until it lasts.


you said its free but it asks for activation for premium version to connect to other server other than the given ones

thanks @koder i like free stuff....

i don't know about the activation stuff sir.I have used and thought to share it.I found it good.

op said its free but it asking for upgrade to premium service in which bandwidth and server switching will be unlimited :mellow:

Maybe they saw the thread over here and stopped giving free stuff..Armada why do you need?you own a vpn house/server/holder access,its not for people like you.

i need a usa free vpn with unlimited bandwidth and awesome speed

Either the free VPN would record your every internet activity and sell it, or it would be very slow in speed and limited bandwidth like 100mb per day etc.

One great alternative would be Zenmate Extension for chrome.