Volume Booster

Volume booster as the name indicates increase/boosts volume. Volume booster is the real sound booster and louder the sound of your phone. Volume booster is sound app, with which you can amplifies the sound of phone. Volume booster is free app to boost your speaker sound volume. Volume booster or sound booster has extra high sound loudness for movies, louder game and with this Volume amplifier amplifies the sound of voice calls, notification sound .it also increase sound of headphones. Volume booster is simple sound amplifier and music booster which make your phone extra louder. If you’re looking for sound enhancer or speaker booster then volume booster can provide high sound amplifier .it provide simple interface with which you can listen music with high sounds .Volume booster simply provide higher volume then the system default volume. Sound amplifier is the booster app that can also provide a listing aid to hard hearing persons so you can call it volume booster for hard of hearing also.
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