Volta vrla batteries

I needed 4 pcs 200AH each batteries for my solar setup.

I was searching around and found Volta to be providing VRLA batteries with after sales service.

Also they have on their website Tabular plate batteries.

I wonder if anyone had any experience with the batteries?

Currently it seems they are on jummah break so cant get in contact with their Lahore office regarding the rates and information.

if you are going fro dry batteries, why not go for narada or even better sacred sun Flat plate Tubular ones with a very long life?..

NEW batteries .. and with some modified warranty terms..(all imported batteries carry specific warranty terms which require shipping)

If you need NEW batteries , there are dealers who can provide batteries with either lower price or a warranty...

I think this maybe going in the right direction.

I spoke to volta dealer in Pindi. He didn't have the technical specs for the tubular batteries. However he gave me the list price which is 22K for a 200AH battery.

I suspect that these maybe deep cycle batteries because there is some reference to solar cells and forklifters. Tubular construction in +ive plates is usually for deep cycle.

Please call their dealers for tech specs in your city. This request will definitely reach volta and they may put the specs on their website.


150ah is around 25k without warranty in sacred sun and narada.. about narada i am not sure, but true tubular flat sacred sun batteries with warranty range around 34-36k.. standard dry ones are around 26k range...

volta may provide warranty as well.. my previous experience with wet volta had been positively good, much better than exide, and osaka...AGS is still tops in wet department..

soon i will be making our house move to solar without new batteries, since cost is already too much.. probably by autumn this year, i will shift to dry sacred suns..

PS: my APC with AGS 165 is still going strong even after nearly 1.5 years, and almost 70% of original backup.. :D

Any info about Tubular batteries prices

5-7k higher

cAll volta directly if you are in need of volta.

for sacred sun and narada and other big brands for gel tubular and agm tubular you have to go to importers for latest prices