VOIP Products For Sale - Grandstream Pakistan Fibretechnologies

Following products (brand new with warranty) manufactured by Grandstream are available for sale:

285http://www.fibretechnologies.net/gpx280.pngGXP 280/285 ($50)

GXV3140http://www.fibretechnologies.net/gxv3140.pngGXV 3140 ($229)

GXP1200http://www.fibretechnologies.net/gxp1200.pngGXP 1200 ($62)

GXP2100http://www.fibretechnologies.net/gxp2100.pngGXP 2100 ( $109)

GXE502Xhttp://www.fibretechnologies.net/gxe502x.png GXE 502X ($799 - $1,199)

GXV3662http://www.fibretechnologies.net/gxv3662.pngGXV 3662 ($499) (MEGAPIXEL VANDAL DOME IP CAMERA)

HT502http://www.fibretechnologies.net/ht502.pngHT 502 ($45). In Stock. Immediate Delivery.

Fibretechnologies is a certifed Grandstream Partner, exclusively representing Grandstream in Pakistan.

Click here for detailed information on the products: Grandstream Pakistan - Fibretechnologies

since you are based in lahore so do you have company retail or official reseller presence in karachi, i am in karachi and i like to do transactions in person (face to face) saves lots of future headaches.