Vista boot files in the wrong partition?

So I've finally convinced everyone in my household that Vista isn't that much of a beast as everyone says it is, and I want to get rid of the dual boot XP now. But there's a problem (isn't there always!)

I have 2 HDs:

- 160GB (I've emptied this one, but some XP files are still on there)

---- Partitions: One, D:

- 500GB (holds Vista and all data)

---- Partitions: C, J, K, L

The Vista disk management utility also does not let me format or delete the D: partition, saying "Windows cannot delete the active system partition on this disk."

I booted into the Vista install disk and used the partition program in there to delete the partition, but then after a restart, Vista wouldn't boot, saying "BOOTMGR is missing. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart."

I think the boot files required by Vista are on the D: partition. Is there a way I can move them or recreate them in the C: partition somehow? There's a folder called "Boot" in D: which Vista was hiding as a system file and the contents convince me its the Vista boot files.

Following the instructions in this article, I've gotten rid of the OS options at startup, and "deleted" XP from the computer.

I found a how-to that looks promising...

Moving is not recommended and is most likely pain the bum

IF reinstalling vista isnt a big issue for you then here is what u can do

. Remove the 160GB drive out of pc

. Reinstall Vista.Format previous vista partition for a clean install.

. If you have external casing then u can format 160GB or u can try pluggin it in to laptop at this stage.

. Now vista drive will be primary and 160Gb will be secondary.

. Remove the boot.ini and boot folder from 160GB root now. (hidden file/folder). OR you can format the 160GB now as it is now secondary.

remember windows works on first HDD to get installed is Primary..second is secondary.

Moving it according to the article mentioned in my last post worked - I was able to format the 160GB HD as I had wanted, and startup works fine. Thanks for the help! :D