Visiting Karachi


I'm visiting Karachi in a month.

I will be staying for 2 weeks and I need to be online. So i thought i would use blackberry but it seems that BIS is blocked in Pakistan.

So I'm looking for a solution so that i can use internet on my laptop for 2 weeks.

I am thinking about getting a usb dongle modem (gprs/edge)

How much are these in market?

Also is there any other solution??


I think usb dongle is a good choice ,i m also using it in karachi with out any problems,u can go for wi-tribe or worldcall or qubee.

Ditto Get either Qubee or Wateen

Both have 1MB connection with unlimited downloads.

Visit their site and arrange for a test on your area.

For now I would recommend Qubee as its a new company and they dont have applied filters for youtube or other sites.

ISP's have filters for youtube? Never heard of that before.

What i wud recommend is.. try wi-tribe then return the device on the 6th day and then get qubee and return tht aswell saying u were not comfrtable with the connection :D.. and voala u have free internet for two weeks :D!!!

Just don't go to the beach, you will die due to fumes of dirty water.

If you are not going to do any heavy browsing then its useless to invest in these usb devices. There would be a connection fee and a security deposit as well which would cost you a lot for merely two weeks. Unless ofcourse if you plan to give it to your hosts when you leave then its a different story. My suggestion is to get a Zong SIM and subscribe to either their hourly package which is 15 Rupees / hour or the 2GB package which would cost you around Rs. 240 including taxes and would last the whole month. Some ppl have reported to get even 20kb per second on Zong which is quite good for light browsing and checking emails.