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Note for old users:When you update the game to ver. 1.25, DO NOT REPLACE HSHEILD!

If you accidently replaced the new update HSheild(ver 1.25) with the downloaded/old HSheild, just download the new update HSheild(ver 1.25) back from here:


Hi guys, this is Harry555 and I would like to discuss this game with you guys. Vindictus is a great free-to-play game. Its one of the 1st physics based MMORPGs. One of the most original aspects of this game (something that sets it apart even from other brawler MMORPGs), is the ability to interact so thoroughly with the environment. This feature is due in large part the the Source engine(Valve) on which Vindictus was built.The character details are nothing like you've seen before, you'll be amazed by the realistic character graphics. The story has depth too, including life-like cut-scenes and cinematics. Vindictus has fast-paced, hack and slash combat. This means players will be manually controlling each swing of the sword of each spell cast. Overall, Vindictus is a top notch game that can be enjoyed by fans of both traditional MMORPGs and action gamers who previously shied away from the genre due to the normally slow-paced gameplay. There are a total of 5 characters(1st 3 available at the moment):

Lann - Quick offensive character who wields dual swords.

Fiona - Defensive character who can block with her shield and perform powerful counter attacks.

Evie - A female mage who has access to a variety of offensive and supportive spells.

Karok - A giant who can swing large objects to crush opponents.

Kai - An archer who is in tune with nature

Final Verdict: Excellent

Vindictus offers a fresh gameplay style combined with great graphics and a well crafted world to explore. Like other brawlers, Vindictus makes heavy use of instancing, but makes the process feel more realistic. The gameplay is fluid, and the ability to interact with the environment adds another layer of depth to a game that already oozes with production value.

Check out the full review from MMOHut:

Note: This game is IP blocked but, don't worry there is a solution for it and its very easy.

If you want to start playing right away then START here:

To connect to the US server we've got to mask our ip address, this is how we do it:

1. Register here:

2. Download Client:

3. Download and Install game.

4 a. Downlaod Proxycap:


4 b. Download Proxifier:

5. Download desktop game launcher from here:

OR launch the game directly from the website:

and place the desktop game launcher on desktop for easy use.



6. Start Proxycap.

a. Create a new rule for Vindictus in ProxyCap(Dont forget to enter 27015 in Destination Port Range).

b. Okay. Now search for a working proxy (proxylist: and check it with proxychecker(comes with Proxifier, go to start menu, search for proxychecker).

c. After you find a good one, add it to proxycap:

d. Set the proxy as a default:

e. Now go back to 'Rules' and open 'properties' of Vindictus rule and set 'rule action' as 'redirect through proxy' and select '(default)'. Then press OK.

f. Now four simple steps:

1. Log in the Vindictus page and run the game, OR Log in through the desktop launcher and run the game(East is preffered for Lag-less gameplay)

2. Enable ProxyCap

3. Press: START GAME

4. Disable ProxyCap after getting to the character select screen.

Note: Enabling/Disabling ProxyCap is made by right clicking on ProxyCap's tray icon (right bottom part of your screen by default now) and choosing an option Enable/Disable.

Have fun!

If you are having any trouble playing the game, PM me in-game: Harry555. OR Skype me at harris.harry and I can run you through the procedure in screen share mode.

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If the game is giving out problems, speak out. Want any help, just comment here or add me in-game: Harry555.

The 1st person to add me gets 10,000 gold!

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If the game is giving out problems, speak out. Want any help, just comment here or add me in-game: Harry555.

The 1st person to add me gets 10,000 gold!


I’ve helped you guys uptil now, and i’m still trying to help you, so dont take this the wrong way or anything aur kabhi sochna bhi nahin kai mai bot hoon which i’m not!


what kind of this game is?

Its a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMO-RPG for short...its more like monster hunter if you have played it and a bit like god of war...

Thankyou guys for 1k views! = D

new tutorial video is up! Now its EASY as ever to play! :D

Updated PIC by PIC tutorial of Proxifier! Im currently using the new proxifier method and its been working great! try it out for yourself too! :D

it's easy to installl, thanks.

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it’s easy to installl, thanks.

u’re welcome! :)

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WOW! 2000+ views! Thankyou everyone! :D