Video Converter

Anyone suggest me a good and really fast video converter i have used Total Video Concerter (TVC) but its very slow

It wont really make a difference what you find to convert your movies

You need to upgrade your Computers memory if you want to increase the speed of Video Conversion.

Speed of video conversion does not basically depend upon bandwidth of RAM. It depends upon CPU (processor) speed. Boillsoft video converters are pretty fast.

Thank you all of you for your response.

Tipard Video Converter. One of the fastest video converters I've used. It also supports GPU acceleration, so that even more increases conversion speed. Try it out.

Any Video Convertor (AVC)

If you just want to convert videos to different formats then use Format Factory

If you you want to highly compress your videos with minimum quality loss, then you may use MeGUI

Xilisoft is the fastest way to convert your movies with minimum quality loss …

AnyDVD converter professional is better................................................

xilisoft and total video convertor

selection of convertor software depends also on types of formats into which you want to/from convert.

if you convert into one or two formats you can use a software for it and convertors with limited features a bit faster