Video Conferencing: P2P Solution Vsee

Tired being use Teamviewer or any other unstable & limited clients now kick out all of them and install this amazing Video conferencing client and its free for personal users

Here you can get Vsee

Short Features overview

Given that you can use Skype for free and still swap files, and chat with face-to-face video, why would you want to switch to VSee for making your video calls?

There are a number of good reasons that put VSee in a different league.

One of VSee strongest selling points is that what you get as a home-to-home user, or business-user making inside-the-company calls is exactly the same functionality you would get as a corporate customer who bought the full license for its 500 hundred employees.

Here some of the other VSee winning key features:

* Low-bandwidth, high quality video - VSee manages to squeeze great-looking, crystal-clear video into its 320 x 240 window

* Skype-grade VoIP audio quality - VSee holds its own against Skype wide-band, 16 kHz sample rate audio, matching its great-looking video conferencing quality high-quality audio

* Full text chat - VSee integrates a fully functional text chat facility that allows both for private and public exchange.

* Full application-sharing letting you share control of any application or document you have open on your screen with your VSee meeting partners, regardless of whether they have the same application installed on their PCs

* Drag-and-drop file-sharing supporting any file type up to a whopping 2GB in size. You simply drag any file on the video window of one of your VSee session participants and the file gets immediately sent to that person.

* Internet co-browsing that allows users to surf the web together, and even annotate it as they go

* Remote synchronized online video viewing allowing you to freeze-frame, fast-forward and rewind your video in real-time as you share it with other session attendees

* Toolbar-based command center, allowing you to launch and monitor your video conferencing sessions directly from your desktop, without having to visit the VSee website

* Full video and audio recording to catalog and archive all of your VSee sessions

* Always-on live "video pointer' that can be used to point, and indicate specific areas on your video screen, or on the of any other user

Note : not for users below 512Kbps bandwidth