Video Card Fan making alot of noise! HELP!

Hey there! My video card's fan is making ALOT of noise and also skips a few turns. Like it moves, stops for a sec, moves again. What should I do? When i cleaned my system with a BLOWER, this started to happen.


Keep in mind if this fan stops for a long time (especially in hot weather) the graphics chip on the card may blow up.

You need to take out card from motherbaord, remove the round paper sticker from the fan. Then you will see a stainless steel shaft which has a tiny lock ring on it.

First try to lubricate the exposed steel shaft with not more than one drop of lubricant and then trun the fan manually to see if friction is reduced. If it is still hard to rotate, then you need to take it apart.

Now remove the lock ring (the lock ring can be very easily lost if you don't pay attention as it might jump when you try to remove it) you will be able to take out the plastic fins. Now use some petrol to clean the dust, clean the copper bushes, lubricate and then re-assemble.


Ijaz, i just did what you advised me to. However when i removed the sticker on the front, it was completely covered without any hole whatsoever. I then disassembled the heatsink and removed the fan assembly with the 3 screws. I then proceeded to remove the back sticker however it was completely covered aswell. Help?

Where are you located ? If in RWP/Islamabad, I can offer hands on help :)


Did you try to rotate the fan manually ? If so, did you feel continuous friction or just friction at some points of rotation ?

Some fans are really not serviceable, which graphic card is this ? I have old ATI Radeon X1600, and if your fan is similar I can try opening my fan and then tell you the procedure ? For this can you post a picture of the fan from both sides ?

You can email me also.

Please see these links (A step by step guide with pictures)

Be careful not to clean the fan with thinner. I did that once and the damn plastic fan dissolved in it. :/

@ Asad bhai : I've had similar experience :D

@ Ijaz, Galaxy comp suggests sending it in to the manufacturer for a replacement assembly of the heatsink under warranty.

The card is Ati Radeon HD 4650 HIS

I'll be posting pics soon too.

EDIT: Almost no friction. Veeeery little bit of friction at some points. The card is barely 10 months old.

If it is under warranty, dont try to fix it yourself. Claim for repl/repair.