Video capture via graphics card

i have an HD4850 graphics card with two dvi ports (to hook up monitors) and a complex (7 pins!?!) s-video port

to the s-video port attaches a converter whose one end is the 7-pin s-video connector and the other end is three composite cables (one video and two audio, left and right channels).

i want to transfer video from my miniDV camcorder (which gives its output on the composite cables) in some format (whatever that may be) to my PC thru that S-video

how do we get a graphics card to capture video thats comin in from the s-video port? Is that even possible?

Any help, and im grateful...

thats an OUT port. not an IN port

so you cant.

Some High-end Graphics cards have 9-pin port called ViVo (Video in, video out), which enables you to view/record from DVD player or handycam (but not from cable/antenna). But as executionist pointed out, your card has S-Video out.

For more info:

For images and their description of different ports used in Graphics Cards:

na man mine is HD4850. Its got that AVIVO thingy ure talking about.

there are two new video capture devices in the device manager after i installed the video card. but i dont knw which software to use to capture the incoming video.

HD4850 does not have ViVO my friend. It has only S-Video out. As it is mentioned in both the links I posted that ViVo is 9-pin while S-Video is 7-pin. A few ATI cards with ViVo:

I think you need a tuner card maliksaab.




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