Vfone sms ? reply plz

i m planning to have a vfone for calling out of city. (NWD).

i came to know that sms facility is free of charge in the vfone , please let me know that we can use this sms free service to vfone to vfone only or to any network in pakistan ?

and do let me know that can we carry the vfone mobile with us roaming around in the city of karachi or is it limited in a specific area ?

please suggest a nice powerful set .

nice day

Nadeem Ahmed

vfone SMS are free for all networks (maybe zong is not included, but i am not sure)

and which is the best set , and mobility ?

mobility is not an issue, you can roam around freely. About handsets, i guess they offer Huwaei sets only...

Actually i used this service a year ago or so. I am not in touch with them anymore...

you can dial 1236 from PTCL landline or 1015 from Vfone to get more information on this