Veryyy slow youtube buffering on ptcl

veryyy slow youtube browsing on ptcl.......... i am fed up of complaining on 1218.... i get no response to my complaints.

does anybody know any tweak how to speed up buffering on youtube

i am on a 2 mb connection... but due to low buffering it wont play a lowest resolution video smoothly too

i do the pause and play trick too but it doesnt seem to workout still!!

No probs here on my 2mbps.

^ Strange. I've never ever even once been able to buffer youtube videos even on lowest resolution. Has been the same for every single video site :angry:

bro use this

when i got recently upgraded to 2 mbps there was almost no buffering on the normal resolution videos on youtube but as the days passed buffering created problem

i had no need to use video accelerator back then but now video accelerator too doesnt help out much

change dsl modulation g.dmt to adsl+ or adsl+ to g.dmt...

changing g.dmt to adsl+ seems to lower my bandwidth a little

basically i dont know which mode is best for me and how to test it

it depends on quite many things if u ask me... i have a very long history of pangas :P

i would surely like to know it please

works smooth for me...Specially wen its on 480p.

[quote=“Mazahyr, post:12, topic:16483”]

works smooth for me…Specially wen its on 480p.


mine buffers on 480p

sometimes i also face slow buffering on youtube i am also on 2mb. i believe its not ptcl's problem its youtubez problem. searched online and shocked to see that sometimes even 20MB or 50MB connection users also face slow buffering.

I am having slow speed since few days now....i have 2mb but getting speed of 1mb and even less...anyone else having speed issues???

The speed test showing me this speed


but when i download its slow....can it be the site i'm downloading from which is slow??

depends on what, from where and with what ur downloading.... ur connection seems fine other wise.

I use download accelerator plus for's strange because from same sites and with the same program the speed was fast and all fine few days ago, but now its very slow.

probably those site are facing bandwidth issues.... or try using IDM instead of DA plus.