Very Very Slow Browsing


Im facing very Very Slow browsing From 3 days the 1st day i called csr they say its because of network outrage

i live in gulberg peshawar anybody else from my area having the same problem???

torrents are running at good speed but browing is not working

Which browser you use? Try deleting your cookies or updating your browser's version. Run an antivirus program on your computer because sometimes virus consume your bandwidth without even being noticed.

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Which browser you use? Try deleting your cookies or updating your browser’s version.

Deleting temporary internet files can also help.

its problem at ptcl end dun worryy

Seems fine now. I think.

yea now its working fine

its not working fine yet mate. damn dead.

It was working FINE, but after 4pm it started messing again...!

yup, seems like everyone is facing the prob of slow browsing and high ping at the moment

Yup, I am facing browsing issues too. Browsing either stops or gets very slow. This is happening to me since 2 weeks.

Edit: Sometimes, I get authentication issues too.

u r nob?

while browsing make sure & check there must not running any heavy ram eater apps?

you can check this with task manager

^ What are you talking about? What's Ram gotta do with my browsing speed??

@ Armada:

And what's 'nob'?

ops i thought you had issues with browser app

if your browsing some time stops and getting slower its simple that you has packet loosing in your connection

Like I said in the other thread, lots of packet loss.

Problem is back again. It looked fine the other day, but today its now worse than ever.

Yes browsing and download speed is very slow today.. on 4mb net getting only 30kb/ps download speed and worst browsing speed too :(

today after 4 PM P.T.C.L is messed up on my side

Downloading is max 25Kbps and browsing is dead SLOW

Slow as a hell... its takes 25 seconds to open up the page lol

yeah the download is about 30kbps... and browsing is slow also dont know what happend to ptcl again.. lol