Very Slow Youtube Videos Streaming

Streaming is extremely slow in hayatabad peshawar from last 1 week has any 1 else noticed it

^ Youtube streaming is fine but my Browsing is dead :/

i m tired offff streaming in 20 mins songs stream completelyy

^ Did you tried downloading them? I mean if you have any youtube downloader or IDM?

same here having streaming + browsing issue, everything is crawling on 4mb :/

slow browsing + slow streaming 4mb

yousaf and bon r u from peshawar

Youtube seems a little slow nowadays.

Not sure if this helps, but at times, I refreshed a slow-loading Youtube page and it would start loading up properly. You guys might want to try doing that and see if that helps.

Not the best solution - but we hit F5 anyway at times.

downloading is freaking dead here. dono wtf is wrong again, god damn ptcl.

Try to refresh your cookies and sessions as they cause slow downloading and browsing sometimes. Get in touch with the provider and see if you are getting desired bytes or not.