Veoh video network blocked discontinued its services for pakistani viewers :(

any1 knows the reason?

censorship issues with pak government?

Working fine here.

wtf? not working for me too :(

This is not censorship from the government's end. They have apparently blocked access themselves.

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This is not censorship from the government’s end. They have apparently blocked access themselves.

yes but i said that our government must be pressurizing them

So what if it is blocked for Pakistan , u can still visit this website from any anonymity proxy. No need to worry.

its not only pakistan, uae is blocked too.

buh why? :-/

from their forums..

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Folks - bear with us on this front. It certainly seems like a harsh decision, especially when you're on the wrong end of the rule, however this is something that is neccessary for us to do to keep providing the service that we have. I am sure this, like the 5-minute preview limit, is something that will likely undergo some tuning as we go forward.

Veoh blocked certain countries? -

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately Veoh has ended service in your countries due to a low concentration of users. Veoh is maintaining service in countries when we have the highest concentration of viewers.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for using Veoh

-Taken from VEO FORUMS

Veoh have blocked these users


Brazilian users

Jamaican users

Pakistani Users

Users from UAE.

Users from Chile

Puerto Rican users

Indonesian users

French users

Malaysian users

Venezuelan users

El Salvador users

Guatemalan users

Users from Luxembourg

Costa Rican users

Users from El Salvador

Panamanian Users

Dominican Republic users

Most if not all of Veoh's Muslim community.

Err... no. Not the Muslim community.

It's the market. I guess they have a valid reason.

Twango (which is now Ovi) is blocked in Pakistan.

I mailed them, telling them I have tons of pictures and stuff... so long story short, they sent me my media via CD.

This sucks more than anything that has ever sucked!!

aakhir meri proxy kiss din kaam aaey gi??


its probably coz most of us Pakistanis concentrate most of our efforts on "leeching" instead of contributing?

btw does veoh work well with a 512 k connection as you-tube does?, i installed it and my connection was downloaing stuff @ full 6o KB yet i was experiencing buffering problems every now and thn!

so is there any way to get veoh working smoothly with a 512 k connection?

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its probably coz most of us Pakistanis concentrate most of our efforts on “leeching” instead of contributing?

hey man there is just no freaken’ bandwith to start with and you can’t even run a computer straight 6 hour without electric going out so what ever time one is online then the strategy is grab all you can… until blackout, you know what i mean.