V V Bad speed from Qubee

MAC state: Operational

Received power level: -75.05 dBm

Transmitted power level: 26 dBm

Carrier to interference and noise ratio: 22.62 dB

Centre frequency of current uplink channel: 3446750 kHz

Centre frequency of current downlink channel: 3446750 kHz

Current channel bandwidth: 5000 kHz

Radio port uplink current average throughput: 9975 B/s

Radio port downlink current average throughput: 97445 B/s

Current uplink modulation scheme: qpskCtc1Over2

Current downlink modulation scheme: sixteenQamCtc1Over2

dayem my phone line dead for twice in a 2 weeks in a five year thats why i am using Qube Wifi 1mbps so much dc problem Voip is very bad at Qubeee dayem voice disappears #$%# #$%#......so i decided i am very happy with my Maxcom with My Linksys Router 4Mbps....Skype even work well on 512 Kbps its not wroking good on 1Mbps Urgh............Paisay zaaia hogayee.....sometimes its work like dialup.

Puck to Peetcl.....Cable fault.

Sorry Man If You Facing This Problem

Could you please tell me your user name???

I have been observing since a month or 2 Qubee has been providing very very very bad speed... i mean it takes abnormally large amount of time to download movies and stuff... What is happening... i was so happy with wi-tribe.. just because of their false and delusive unlimited campaign I switched to them and that is what I get... horrible speed, worse than dial up in the night.. I can't stream a stupid 2 min video on youtube... can't upload a file unless it be a few KBs and from few I mean 20 or 30KB... plus 0 upload speed after 11pm... Detest their service...

thanks for telling this i was planning to buy qubee today !!!!!!

i went to their office yesterday asking about the shuttle thing , but that is useless for me as its out put if from USB ONLY , u cant get the signals from it until or unless u have a USB wifi router ! it wont work on ordinary LAN wifi routers !!!!!

i will Go for wateen today . thanks buddy !

**currently using mobilink infinity , speeds are great but the volumes are limited to 15 GB ! my usage is around 20 to 25 GB .

now using wateen not bad :)



qubee is acting like it has been recently raped. I dont know why. getting download of max 32 kbps. Using wifi router....i seriously hope that this problem gets fixed soon.

same here all day Qubee giving 20-30 kbps speed to me and at night or loadshedding hours full speed !

I think Qubee having Speed problems