uTorrent Transfer Cap Feature - v2.0 and above

I hope its not a repost. If it is then I apologize and mods plz delete it.

My thread is about a new and very useful feature that is available in uTorrent versions 2.0 and above. It's particularly useful for those users who have a bandwidth cap on their internet connection and especially if you want to limit the downloaded and uploaded data using uTorrent e.g. if you would like uTorrent to stop uploading and downloading after a certain amount of data has been uploaded or downloaded or both (uploaded and downloaded) then you can do this using the Transfer Cap feature. Plus you can also set the number of days e.g. stop the uTorrent after a certain amount of data has been uploaded and downloaded in certain amount of days.

You can do all this by going to the Preferences > Transfer Cap in uTorrent as shown in below image:

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