Utorrent 1.7.7

I am using Utorrent 1.7.7 and when ever light went off and i start the computer again i got error message like that i got some files courrupted and all the torrents which are in downloading list simply get lost now tell me what to do any good solution?

Surprising. I also use 1.7.7, but no such thing happened ever. Whenever it starts again, it does check on the torrents which were downloading at the time system shut off, and it does take a while (like 3 mins or so for 3-5 torrent files). But after hash checking, it resumes them. Do you have more than 1 hard disk in your system? If yes, try moving virtual memory file to other drive. This might solve the problem.

I use LimeWire PRO.

This happens to me as well. I've found that keeping the .torrent files around and loading them in to uTorrent if this happens can get the download back - it will resume from where it was interrupted.

No i dont have the two hard drives and when i load .torrent file again it starts from zero :(

Make sure that you have selected the same location that you were using before. If its still starting from zero then stop and force recheck. It should resume from where it had left off

if u r hard drive is formated with fat 32 or such formating scheme u could face these problems


Have you enabled 'Store .torrent files in:' option in 'others' tab of preferences? If no, then enable it and choose path where your downloads are located, and better specify a subdirectory for storing torrents. For example, I use following paths:

- Put new downloads in: C:\Downloads\uTorrentDataFiles

- Move completed downloads to: c:\Downloads

- Store .torrent files in: C:\Downloads\uTorrentDataFiles\Torrents

I think this should work.